Curative massage

Curative massage

Curative massage

This is one of the most natural curative processes of mankind  It is a therapy form of massage aiming to cure and to prevent diseases, to improve blood circulation, and to relax the tensed, hard, painful muscles, to save vitality and agility. It is a perfect support for recovery after accidents. It is removing the excreta accumulated in the interstitial tissues, and increases the capacity of the muscles by activating the blood circulation of it. The skin will be rejuvenated, its flexibility will return. Before the treatment we suggest you to take a warm bath supporting the relaxing of the soft parts.

Interesting facts

The reflex-zone massage, especially foot massage is suitable for diagnostic purposes also. B. C. 5000 in China the massage has been used for curing, mainly by doctors and priests, they were treating problems of the blood circulation and the nerve system. Later most oriental nations used the massage as a treatment. In India it was performed both for health and ritual purposes, scented herbs and oils were used. The baby massage is also from India, when performing it the mother and the baby enjoy the minutes of tender touches and close relationship with each other.

The curative massagesinclude Swedish, reflex-zone (segment, interstitial tissue, periosteal), lymph-, sport-, and refreshing massages. Curative massages are usually ordered based on the suggestion of the physician. In case of skin-diseases, pregnancy, or therapy targeting to block blood coagulation it is not indicated.

Swedish massage

The most well-known and popular type of massage is called Swedish massage, and it has been developed by Per Henrik Ling of Swedish origin at the beginning of the 19th century. The classic Swedish massage is a type of massage targeting the massage of the whole body, muscles, sinews and the joints. Promotes the improvement of the motional functions, relaxes muscles in painfully spastic and tense status, spasms. Techniques:

  • smoothing,
  • rubbing,
  • kneading,
  • knock-up,
  • cutting,
  • vibration,
  • shaking.

Reflex-zone massage

The reflex-zone massageis based on the assumption that certain points of the body are connected to each other; these are the so called reflex points. These points are connected to the centre of the central nerve system through nerve-tracts. The irritation of the reflex points by pressure brings about different reactions in other parts of our body. This positive effect is used by reflex-zone massage.

More massage types

The segment, interstitial tissue, and periostealmassages are known in Europe. The Asian type of reflexology irritates the “meridian” end of the energy circulating in the body, these are located on the hands, leg, and the feet. It is efficient mainly when treating digestive problems, headaches, problems with the pelvis minor.

Segment massage

Here the massage includes only the nerve tracts effected by the disease. 5 techniques are introduced to each nerve tract, therefore a treatment can take hours.

Massage of the interstitial tissues

It is a technique improving the supply of the interstitial tissue. 3-4 fingers are used for pushing firmly and pulling back the skin together with the interstitial tissue under it. Helps patients suffering diseases of the cardiac and the vascular system, respiratory and gynaecological problems and it is used for treating varicose. Helps to remove cellulitis and improves the blood bed.

Periosteal (periosteum) massage

It can be performed exclusively by a physician or a massager trained by him. The pressing and the excitation of the periosteum supplied with nerves changes will result in changes of the local organs and the other organs with reflexes far from that point. These reflex-related effects will influence the blood supply of the organs, their tone, and the intestinal peristalsis.

Lymph massage

During the lymph massage smoothing and pumping techniques are used for emptying the ganglion and accelerating the removal of the access lymph liquid. Thus the water accumulated in the lymphatic tissues is removed, the problems of the lymphatic systems, the bulbs and metabolic problems will discontinue, the vigour of the immune system will increase.

Sport massage

This type of massage is used mainly in the field of sport. Warming up, refreshing, relaxing and regenerating massage. It increases agility, relieves pain, it is suitable for relaxing the muscles and reduces the enlargement of the muscles. During the rehabilitation process, after injuries it is suitable for returning motility; it has a calming effect and increases the performance.

Refreshing massage

It originates from the Swedish massage, and uses the same techniques. As it is suggested by the name, during this massage the whole body if refreshed, it is stimulating the blood circulation.