Physical and therapeutic exercise

Physical and therapeutic exercise

General information

Individual or group treatment Under the supervision and with the support of qualified physiotherapist Series of treatments are recommended Exercises can be built in the daily training schedule of the individual Available at: Hévízgyógyfürdő np. Kft (Hévíz Thermal Bath non-profit Ltd.). Thermal hotels

Interesting facts

The movements learnt during the treatment can be used by patients on their own after returning home.

Exercise with professional supervision or therapeutic exercise is part of a complex treatment. It is an extremely important therapy in the treatment of locomotor disorders. Unhealthy lifestyles, such as lack of physical exercise in many cases further deteriorate the health of the patients, which can be helped by regular physical exercise.

Therapeutic exercise

Therapeutic exercise: one of the aims of the physical exercise tailored to the condition of the individual is to restore the injured joints and spine operation, to improve the condition and power of the muscle system, to eliminate its defects and to correct the posture of the individual.

Underwater exercise

Underwater exercise: this therapy applies the healing impact of  mixed medicinal water and the favourable physical characteristics of water (ascensional power, resistance, etc.). Underwater exercise causes less strain to the muscles and joints, therefore it is also suitable for those, who are not allowed to do normal physical exercise. The impact of all these treatments can be boosted by treatments based on thermal (heat), electric, etc. energies.