Mud pack

Mud pack

Genreral informaiton Mud has

Physical impacts:

  • high buoyant force
  • hydrostatic pressure
  • scrubbing impact
  • high heat storage and low heat conductivity

Biological impacts::

  • causes haematosis
  • increases the ACTH hormone and endorphin hormone level
  • simulative impact

Chemical impacts:

  • germicide
  • astringent


Iszapokat osztályozhatjuk:

  • Szerves iszapok: algákból, főleg növényi valamint állati maradványokból jönnek létre
  • Szervetlen iszapok: főként ásványi eredetű részeket tartalmaznak
  • Tőzegek: lápföld, alláptőzeg, felláptőzeg
  • Kevert iszapok: a különféle iszapok naturális keverékei
  • Gyógyföldek: vulkanikus kőzetek termékei

The mud extracted from the peat basin of Hévíz Lake has a high humic acid content with a dark grey colour. It is a natural, mixed type mud containing 80 % non-organic and 20% organic substances. Due to its mineral substance content, radioactivity, high heat storage ability and other physical characteristics it is excellent for the after treatment of rheumatic, degenerative locomotor diseases, dermatological diseases, certain gynaecological diseases and injuries. Due to its radon content, it has an excellent alleviative impact. Prior to any mud pack treatment patients shall consult with a physician. During mud pack treatment mud with a temperature of approximately 38 to 42 °C is used on the entire body, on certain parts of the body or in mud buckets. Treatment duration is usually about 20 minutes every day or every second day. After the mud pack treatment it is recommended to relax for at least half an hour and bathing is only allowed at least two hours after the treatment. Counter-indications

  • oedema caused due to cardiac failure
  • certain medicinal diseases
  • certain locomotor diseases
  • neurological diseases

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