General medical status check

General medical status check

General information

The treatment starts with a general medical status check. Constant medical control provided during the entire treatment. Indications (internal link) Contra-indications (internal link)

Interesting facts

Patients are advised not to spend more than 30 minutes in the thermal water, unless recommended by a doctor. Healthy people are recommended to spend a maximum of 1.5 hours in the water at one time.

Modern medical science offers also opportunities to our guests, which further boost the efficiency of medical treatments. For this reason, prior to starting the medical treatment specialist compile a therapeutic program specially tailored to the general medical status of the patient. The specialist decides on the admission opportunity only after the completion of the general medical status check. (internal link) Complex treatment consists of well-planned treatments, compiled in a way that treatment elements are built on each other. It is extremely crucial that guests receiving a specially compiled treatment, which is tailored according to the medical status of the individual. General treatment duration is 3 weeks. The treatments result in several months long painful life for the patient, not only achieving improvement in the patient status during the treatment. According to a Hévíz saying „a treatment in the spring brings painless Christmas to those suffering from rheumatism”.