Weight bath

Weight bath

General information Indications:

  • disengaging the vertebral disks and nerve roots under pressure
  • relaxation of muscle cramps
  • mitigation of tendon- and muscle contractions


  • cardio-vascular complaints
  • fever, infectious disease
  • virulent locomotor disorder
  • vertebra sliding
  • malignant tumour
  • for 6 weeks after vertebral disk operation

Interesting facts

Weight bath is a treatment developed in Hévíz, which has successfully been applied since its development all over the world.

Weight bath is a special Hévíz treatment, which was developed by Senior Dr. Károly Moll at the beginning of the 1950s.

The aim of weight bath

Weight bath is an underwater treatment, which takes place in a special pool, with specialist support. The aim of the treatment is to displace the vertebras, thus stretching the back bone and enabling the restoring of the original, healthy condition of the vertebral disks. Weight bath is completely painless, as the upthrust of the water relaxes the body and the weights stretch the spine in a very gentle way. Weights used during weight bath can be suspended in 3 ways:

  • on one point (only on the neck)
  • on two points (with armpit support)
  • on three points (with neck and armpit support)

The weights are placed on the waist and/or on the ankles, by usually applying weights of 2-3-5 kg. At one time a maximum of 20 kg weights are allowed.

Treatment duration: 20 minutes
Water temperature: indifferent (34-35 oC)