Protection forest, park

Protection forest, park

General information:

Open all year round.

In the main car park located at Széchenyi Street
It can be accessed from the car park via Kölcsey Street in one minute on foot.

Parking charges:
Monday- Sunday: 8 am to 6 pm
The first hour is for free, after 150 HUF / 60 minute/ car

GPS coordinates: N 46°47’17, 81” E 17°, 11’ 31, 16”

Interesting facts

The protection forest was planted in the middle of 19th century. Before that the marshland was populated by reed, willow-bushes and uliginal plants.

Lake Hévíz is surrounded by a protection forest and park. Guests wishing to go for a walk may choose from several walking routes departing from Deák Square. The protection forest is important part of the lake’s ecological system. Common alder is the major tree type of the forest, whilst the most special one is white cypress. White cypress in contradistinction to pinaceae does not keep its green leafage for the winter months. In autumn white cypress leaves turn to brown, dressing the road leading to downtown in an orangey- bronze colour. During spring the forest becomes green again.

The park located on the other side of the thermal lake can be accessed via the Dr. Schulhof Vilmos Promenade. Giant sycamore trees are the most spectacular plants of the park.

In the forest you can view several bird species, and if lucky you can also feed the local squirrels.

Photos of the protection forest, park