Historical cottages

Historical cottages

General information 

The city of Heviz has several buildings evocating the architectural style of former ages. The exterior and the build-up of the structures are evoking somewhat the atmosphere of the beginning of the 1900’s.

Special feature facts 

The curative influence and attractiveness to tourists and patients of Lake Heviz was recognised early. Probably this was the reason for establishing such large buildings and hotels as early as the beginning of the 1920’s. These buildings are more than eighty years old but most of those are still in good conditions and in use.

Gabi Cottage (15 Rakoczi Street)

Mrs. Vince Takacs home-coming from the United States in 1927 had the building built together with the Agnes, Olga és Terez cottages, all located in the same mall. Between 1996 and 1997 it has been fully renovated, but it still reflects the style of that age.

Terez Cottage (15 Rakoczi Street)

It had been built by the same woman returning from the United States and having the cottage Gabi cottage built. The house is located on the square called dr. Karoly Moll. It used to be a resort operated by trade union, housing the pressmen. After 1994 shops were opened on the street side. Today it operates as a folk art product shop and gift shop.

Mayer Cottage (13 Rakoczi Street)

The cottage in the neighbourhood of the Gabi Cottage has also been built in the 1920’s. The owner of the house used to be the property of a merchandiser’s family, then after the World War II it was operated as a resort of the trade union. Since its renovation between 1996 and 1997 it has been operating as an apartmenthouse.

Former Hotel Astoria, Astoria Inn (11 Rakoczi Street)

The house built in the 1920’s has a unique style with its semicircular front. Between the two World Wars it had been operated as a hotel, then after the World War II it became a resort of the trade union. After 1991 its name was Hotel Flavius, and after the privatization it became an inn with a café on its street side.

Iren (Parisian) Cottage (4 Rakoczi Street)

It was built in 1932. First a Post Office, then a travelling agency was operating in the building. Today it is a shop.

Ilona Cottage (2 Rakoczi Street)

It was built in the 1930’s by the Benedek family from Heviz. After the war the building housed the local organization of a political party for a long period of time. After the change of regime it was the cultural centre of the city. After 1997 a travelling agency opened here. Today it is an information office for tourists (Tourinform).

Former town-hall (16 Szechenyi Street)

The house of Neo-Baroque style was built in 1927. The rural district used to rent the building from the original owners. Before the 1950’s it was the building of the town-hall.

Nyiradi Cottage (13 Jozsef Attila Street)

Built in 1925. In 1949 it was nationalized, then in 1994 it has been purchased by the former owner, and it has been renovated in 1999.

Pocza Cottage (2 Jozsef Attila Street)

The widow of Istvan Pocza had it built in 1912-ben. After the nationalizing it became one of the few hotels of Heviz, its name was Beke (Peace). Since 1994 it is the consulting-room of the panel-doctor of the town.

Pakozdi-House (24 Petofi Street)

Its name is from the name of Janos Pakozdi who had it built at the beginning of the 1920’s. After the nationalization it became the property of the Spa-Hospital and it remained so. The employees of the hospital live in its apartments.

Imre Cottage (16 Petofi Street)

The house of Neo-Baroque style was built in the 1930’s.

St Joseph Home (8 Petofi Street)

The former Simon House. It was built after World War I. In 1949 it was nationalized and  then in 1967 it was taken by the church. It has been renovated in 2000, and today it is the property of the Archsee of Veszprem.

Gyula Cottage (6 Petofi Street)

When built at the beginning of the 1920’s it was called Amalia-House. Later it was named Gyula Cottage. It has been renovated in 1999.

Zsofia Cottage (2 Park Street)

It has been built in the 1920’s with the support of the Institute of Private Insurance Companies. Later it was sold and after the nationalization process it became the property of the railway trade union. Later the house was sold.

Bibi Cottage (9 Erzsebet kiralyne Street)

When built at the beginning of the 1920’s it was called Kurtacs Inn. In 1933 is was purchased by the Union of the Family Insurance Company of the Railway, then in 1993 the pub called “Öreg Bakter” (Old Night Watchmen) was opened in the sub-basement.

Palfy Cottage (7 Erzsebet kiralyne Street)

The cottage built in the 1920’s was nationalized in 1949, then it was the property of the trade unions. Between 1991 and 1994 it was operating as part of Hotel Flavius, then in 1994 it has been purchased. Since 1995 it is a building used by catering industrial units.

The former inn of the Trinitarian Sisters’ Order (5 Erzsebet kiralyne Street)

The Neo-Baroque building from 1926 is the Police station today.

Former Haway-House (4 Erzsebet kiralyne Street)

Since the 1920’s it has been operating as a hotel. After the War it was managed by the Resort Supplying Company. Later the western side of the house was taken down, and today’s Fontana Movie Theatre was built on its place. It has been renovated in 1994.

Photos of the historical cottages


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