Tomb of the Roman soldier

Tomb of the Roman soldier


The tomb of the Roman soldier, or the late Roman brick-tomb is located in the Egregy part of Heviz. The tomb was made out of bricks with quicklime.

Special featureThe items discovered in the neighbouring area testify that man of means have been staying here long time ago. For example on the way to the church to the Arpadian age there was a clay pot found, and there were 276 pieces of Roman coins from the 4th century in it.

It has been discovered in 1925 when doing earthworks and it was fully intact. The objects found in the tomb were from the era of the Roman imperator Constantinus II. Bronze belt decoration, cloth clamps, knife made of iron, coins of the imperator and of course the skeleton of a Roman soldier were found. The findings were placed in the Balaton Museum located in Keszthely, and the skeleton was left on its place. In 1931 the ruins of aRoman cottage of the early Augustan age were discovered a few hundred meters to the East of the tomb, in the neighbourhood of the Villa Rustica excavated between 2001 and 2004. The house was built at the end of the 1st century. The findigs suggest that the building must have been richly decorated and it was still in use in the 4th century. When digging in the backyard of one of the houses of Egregyi Street a brick burning kiln was found.

Pictures of the Tomb