Art exhibitions

Art exhibitions

General information

Art includes many things like music, singing, crafts, sculptural and pictorial arts, drawings, dancing and theatre. Heviz has a countless number of art exhibitions; especially abound with pictorial and sculptural art exhibitions. But there are other types of collections, too.

Interesting facts

On top of the exhibitions Heviz has art groups working in the town. The most famous is the Musica Antiqua Ensemble. The group was established in Heviz, in 1977, formed by the students of Illyes Gyula Primary School under the direction of Jozsef Adorjan. Their aim is to perform primarily music of ancient times. The characteristic and unique sonority of the orchestra is provided by the sound combination of the flutes and different strings. Renaissance, baroque and classical music are played on their concerts, where members of the ensemble are dressed up in authentic renaissance costumes.
There dance club of the town is called the Pearls of Heviz; it has been established in 1986. They are successful participants of several national and international competitions, and make their appearance with their shows as part of many events and festivals. The members of the group are high school students and ladies above 18 years.

Hévíz Gallery

There are permanent exhibitions to see at the Heviz Gallery (1 Deak Ferenc Square), between Monday and Sunday: the china, coloured metal box and teddy bear collection of Antal Balazs and the art exhibition introducing the works of the local Decorative Art group.

The Antique Collection of Heviz

The Antique Collection of Heviz (9 Rakoczi Street) has a History of Medicine room, and there are also exhibitions of paintings and ceramics, and a temporary exhibition introduces the works of the students of Illyes Gyula Primary and Art School.

Aquamarin Gallery

In the Aquamarin Gallery (11 Honved Street) there are temporary exhibitions available on a regular basis, including paintings and photos.

“Szasz Endre” Gallery

The public can see and purchase the works of contemporary painters in the “Szasz Endre” Gallery (9-11 Kossuth Street).


In Hungaleria (1 Dr. Schulhof Vilmos Esplanade) we can see the creations of contemporary artists.

Csarda Gallery

There are temporary exhibitions to see at Csarda Gallery (2 Tavirozsa Street).

Photos of the art exhibitions