General information:

Don’t forget to take your bathing suit, a towel, camera and of course sun-tan lotion with you. Have a nice journey!

Sailing on the Lake Balaton offers not only a completely new experience but it allows you to look at the shore of the Lake as well as the surrounding hills from a completely new perspective, while you are enjoying the peace and tranquility.
Make your holiday by the Lake Balaton more colorful by sailing. The hours spent on the gently sparkling waves are sure to become an unforgettable experience. Sailing tours are available on comfortable sailing-boats with cabin even by sunset. The lake is capricious so only set your boat afloat on the lake with an experienced captain on board. Enjoy the tranquility, let the Lake Balaton carry you away, it will surely be the experience of a lifetime.
The experienced sailors, who are looking for adventure, can take part in one of the sailing competitions that are organized from spring to fall on the Lake Balaton. The Yacht Association is able to provide space for up to 100 boats in its port for those, who arrive with their own sailboats. Everything you might need stands at your disposal: crane, electricity, snack bar in the club house, shower – just to mention the most basic ones.

Interesting Facts:

The program offer of the Lake Balaton is made more colorful by several highly ranked competitions in the Keszthely bay, of which many are organized by the Gyenesdiás Yacht Association with diving entertainment programs in the local port.