General Information: The Darnay-Dornyay is a completely unique tourist route that starts in Gyenesdiás from the Big Meadow. It offers the most breathtaking view over the Lake Balaton and the surrounding hills by connecting the 7 lookout towers, from which the most beautiful regions of the Balaton Riviera are there to see. The route is altogether 16,8 km long with a level difference of 740 m and can be discovered in 5 and a half hours.

Many tourist paths cross each other in the Keszthely-hills. One of the most favored destinations for outings and recreation is what the locals call the “Nagymező” meaning Big Meadow.
In the West-Balaton region it is not only the Lake Balaton that has diverse programs to offer, but the Keszthely-hills are also favored by those seeking an adventurous holiday.

The “Nagymező” (Big Meadow) not only gives home to many events but it is one of the most popular places for outings and recreation in nature. You can make a campfire, use the playground or sport facilities or seek cover under the shelter in case of a rainfall.  The forest gymnastic track, which is a 1300 m long route consisting of 16 stations offering facilities for performing different exercises has its first station here. The Festetics Lookout Tower is just a few minutes hike from the meadow as well.
The hiking routs lead to lookout towers – of which the local ones are the Festetics and the Berzsenyi Lookout Towers (WARNING! The Berzsenyi Lookout Tower is closed!) –, springs, or interesting natural formations such as the Vadlánlik cave. The former dolomite quarry, which does not operate anymore and which has been placed under protection, is one of the most favored attractions of the hills.

Those who would like to make a longer tour can visit the neighboring settlements on the signaled tourist routs, which start out from or lead through the Big Meadow.
Pick up a map and get some useful information at the Tourinform Office.

Guided hiking trips offered by Nature’s House Visitor Centre.

When: July and August twice a week (Wed and Sat 9am) and from Februry to November once a month
Start: Visitor Centre, Dornyaistr. 4.
Pre-reg. is required! Phone: (+36) 30/239-9894

Interesting facts:
The cave called “Vadlánlik” is a large as a man-made room, but it has been carved out by the wind and later enlarged artifically by men. It is rare natural phenomenon. In the early 1900s it was probably used as a secret schnaps distillery.