Squash, bowling, billiard

Squash, Bowling und Billard

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Squash is getting more and more popular in Hungary also. In the West-Balaton area the possibility to try this movement is given in Sport house of Gyenesdias. When you have already booked the room, the only things you have to put on are some comfortable sport clothes, sport shoes, take the squash racket (similar to tennis racket) and the rubber balls. The game is played by 2 or 4 people in a covered court. Never forget to worm-up not only for your physical fitness but it is important for the ball to get wormed as well.


This game is similar to skittles. Skittle pins have to be pulled down with a heavy bowl with 3 holes created for the fingers on it. To play this game special shoes are needed and they can be rented at the skittle ground. It is a frequently played game in American films and the hobby of Fred and Barney from the Flintstones.


Snooker is a noble sport needing a lot of attention. Whereas the venue of this gentle sport is mainly some of the pubs in Hungary. At West Balaton area high standard place is given for playing this game in Hotel*** Ovit in Keszthely and in Sport house of Gyenesdiás. The billiard has three types: pool, snooker and carom. The mostly known among the types is the pool. Among its three subtypes, the game with eight bowls has the most fans. The rules of the game are the following:

  • Place the ball in the triangle on the following way: at one of the side of the triangle put the ball with stripe, the other side the full ball, the third side put the ball with one on it and in the middle the black ball should be put.
  • Who pockets the ball first, gets that ball he/she has pocketed (ball with stripe or full ball). The other ball is for the other player.
  • The matter of the game is to pocket our balls anticipating the other player.
  • When we have pocketed all of our balls, the aim is the black ball to pocket. Pocketing the black ball we have to announce before the hole where we want to pocket the ball in.
  • If we managed to pocket the ball to the previously announced hole then we are the winner. If the ball went into another hole then the other player is the winner.

Let’s go and try your skills and your concentrational abilities!