General information:

When: Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat 9 am-5 pm
Phone: (+36) 30/ 976-9995, (+36) 30/727-8059
Where: Lőtéri street, Sport shooting range

Anyone can try out different shooting techniques in a beautiful natural environment on the shooting range situated by the foot of the Keszthely-hills.

The shooting range awaits the amateurs and the professionals too with both skeet shooting facilities and a wild animal shooting course near the Big Meadow (in Hungarian “Nagymező”). On the open days anyone can try out shooting with different types of shotguns.
The shooting range has given home to several European Championships and national competitions are organized there regularly.
Members of the Shooting Association share the know-how of shooting with the younger and older visitors as well. Those who are interested can try out the shotguns on the wild animal and disk shooting courses.

Interesting Facts:

National competitions are organized here throughout the year; however, the shooting range which is situated in an unparalleled natural environment has given home to more prominent competitive events.