Lake Balaton property service

Lake Balaton is a fantastic place to have your holiday home in Hungary, also attractive destination to retire to. Lake Balaton is the most important touristic destination in Hungary keeping all the authentic traditions and flair of Hungary. Quality vineyards, picturesque scenery everywhere, good value for money, and also a property market, where you still can buy  real bargain properties, thinking long term investment, properties with big size lands, apartments, detached bungalows are all available.

Using the local Hévíz-Balaton airport, Lake Balaton is a destination easy to reach. Also the M7 motorway directly from BudapestAirport serving the area, make it easy for all arrivals. The simple beauty of Lake Balaton, its perfect location in Centre-Europe, from where you can reach the beautiful cost of Croatia in 3,5 hours, Wien in 2,5 hours, the majestic mountains of the Alps in 4 hours, and Zagreb, Slovenia, Bratislava are all right there.

Buying property in Lake Balaton is a straightforward procedure, and the market is offering a great choice for all the buyers, everybody can find their own suitable property. Our Real Estate Office is located in Hévíz, which is the most famous resort of Lake Balaton, it is the world famous health resort. We are local Hungarian Agents, running our Real Estate Office since 1996 here, and serving not only the International Market, but also strongly focusing on our Hungarian buyers and sellers.

EU citizens are buying under the same law here in Hungary, like all the Hungarian citizens, so our office treat all the clients the same way, doesn’t matter the client is from abroad or local Hungarian. Surely the costs are also the same for all our clients.

For our international clients, we do have our own office at the local airport, where we can immediately welcome our guests.

For our latest offers, please visit our website, or visit us in our head office in Hévíz.

8380, Hévíz, Jókai utca 16.

If you have any questions, or queries, please contact Mr. Tamas Marothy, 0036302076982, Tamas is fluent in English, and he is always happy to help you regarding properties in Lake Balaton, Hungary.