Büdöskút puszta

Smelly well” barren border=


Going along on the tourist path of Büdöskút, after the Szent Miklós fountain we arrive to a dog cemetery  where, by reading the headstones we can find out the reson of the death of the dogs who accomplished military service.

Büdöskút puszta is a nature reservation in the external area of Balatongyörök. It get its name from the ci-devant fountain.

The fountain run dry because of the bauxite mine.

Wild-boar rearing, than a foal unit was working here in the 20th century. An arboretum can be found in the hollow, which was planted in 1937.

Büdöskút puszta is a popular tourist destination nowadays. 

Pictures about the büdöskút puszta