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8360 Keszthely, Kastély utca 15.


+36 83 314-194

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1 July – 31 August
9 am – 6 pm
from Monday to Sunday
1 – 30 September
10 am – 5 pm
from Monday to Sunday
1 October – 30 April
10 am – 5 pm
from Tuesday to Sunday
1 May – 30 June
10 am – 5 pm
from Monday to Sunday

The former Hotel Amazon, the recent Amazon House Visitor Centre houses the exhibition of Aristocratic travels, travel adventures that displays the historic course and travel costumes as well as the travel culture of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries.

The show begins with evocation of travel preparations and draws attention to dangers of contemporary travels. The exhibition gives information on means of transportation, too: the way of continental transportation before railways as well as that of rail, water and air transport and travel. Visitors are introduced to the pleasure of motor drive in the last rooms. A number of interactive tools complete the experience.

Images of the Aristocratic travels, travel adventures – exhibition of six museums’ treasures


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Nostalgie Museum

Adress: Keszthely, Kossuth Lajos str. 1.
Tel: +36 838 318 855;
+36 30 855 6533
Adult: 550 Ft
Child: 400 Ft

Everything, which is interesting, spectacular and evokes the past without any genre definitions.

Everyday objects having forgotten by now, ornaments, which are no longer after our fancy and as a separate exhibition the KITSCH Museum. These objects are exhibited from the 1800s until the time of Retro.

“All hope abandon, ye who enter in” DANTE. Our exhibited sight collection will make our dear visitors think and wonder, it will offer you some progress of knowledge and you can even reach the phase of despair. Please, take the trouble to come in!

Experience farm

Experiences in the Manor

Behind the museum there is a1,2 hectarearea where an experience farm was developed. We can get impressions about former farming; we can see old grape and fruit species as well as plants of field and garden. Aromatic herbs can be observed, too. In the barton we can see indigenous live stocks; there are sheepcote, stable, fowl-yards and pigeonhole. It is possible to feed and strike the animals or prepare their forage. Honey house, coach house, basket making and drying place as well a glasshouse were also built up. To have an idea what the peasant children with, there is a ground with playing barn, plant labyrinth, small carts and barrows. It can give a pleasure time to children and adults as well. If we are tired we can have a break in a nice resting place.

To the offer of the experience farm belong several unique programs and events that try to keep preserve our heritage.

With West-Balaton Card the experience farm can visited for free!

Surber’s museum of automatic musical instruments and phonographs

In Surber’s museum of automatic musical instruments and phonographs, you can enjoy in a unique authentic ambiance the sounds of musical boxes, player pianos, barrel organs and phonographs from the time, when there were no radios. In the cosy outside section, you can listen to the music of a big dancing organ from the 50’s and a Dutch street organ.

You will find Surber’s museum of automatic musical instruments in the heart of the beautiful touristy town of Keszthely (West Balaton), close to the city hall and the theater.

On request, guided tours are offered, so that you can get to know the true promise of the automatic musical instruments. Please visit our homepage for further information:


Surber’s Museum für Musikautomaten und Phonographen

Jókai utca 5

HU-8360 Keszthely

Tel. +36 30 602 68 68

Opening hours:

Opening hours:

May – September

Wednesday and Saturday 12 – 18 pm

Other time and groups on request

Vidor Toymuseum Keszthely

Vidor Játékmúzeum Keszthely

General informations:


8360 Keszthely, Kossuth Lajos str. 10.


+36 83 318-855

Toys are indispensible in all period of life and in the process of becoming a human being. Toys can be divided into different TYPES and GROUPS but after all we can set up FOUR main categories: toys in connection with tools, motion, choosing a partner and mental or intellectual ones. Our traditions, for example: folk games will not become old-fashioned and children can play them at any period and under any circumstances because their function on the one hand is to entertain children and on the other hand children will become skilful, clever and have fun. The function of playing is very versatile. The Toy Museum with its objects does not intend to bring back a dusty, old-fashioned world but we would like to rescue those elements, which meet general demands, what we still need nowadays, namely: the experience of having fun together. My passion is to collect the interesting and valuable pieces of our past and this hobby has been completed by being able to exhibit them, so this way our past and history can arouse nostalgia.


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